We Are 21+ Vapers – Spin & Win!

Spin To Win A Whole Year’s Supply Of Mesh Coil:

Special Prize:

1*Twister 80W Kit + 10 packs*X4 Mesh Coil,1*M Pro+10 packs*Quintuple Mesh Coil
(Total 84 mesh coils, more than a whole year’s supply of mesh coil)

1st Prize:1*Fireluke M+5 pack*X4 Mesh Coil, 1*M Pro+5 pack*Quintuple Mesh Coil (A half year’s supply of mesh coil)

2nd Prize:1*M Pro+1 pack* Quintuple Mesh Coil; 1*Twister 80W Kit + 1 pack*X4 Mesh Coil;(The best vape gift combo)

3rd Prize:1 pack*X4 Mesh Coil; 1 pack* Quintuple Mesh Coil; (The Third Prize has over 30 winners)

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Christmas Competition – Total 49 Winners

3 Vape Gifts For Every Winner Everyday !

It will be 24 Competitions, there are a total of 49 winners to get our vape gift combo!

Vape gift combo from FreeMax, Acrohm, and LostVape for each day until the Christmas day!

FreeMax: Twister 80W Kit or GEMM 80W Kit

Acrohm: Fush or Fush Nano

LostVape: Orion or Lyra

Either one from FreeMax, Acrohm and Lostvape will be chosen randomly to be the gift combo of the day, which means you will get 3 different kits if you win!

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Thanksgiving Giveaway – Spin To Win

What Gift Will You Get?

1st Prize: 1*Twister Kit + 1*GEMM Kit + 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

2nd Prize: 1*M Pro + 1*Fireluke 2 + 1 pack GEMM Disposable Tank + 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

3rd Prize: 1*M Pro + 1 pack Quintuple Mesh Coil+ 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

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Halloween Giveaway – Catch Quintuple Mesh Coil

Easy to Enter:

  • 1. Please make screenshot to catch“ 4 * Quintuple Mesh Coil” simultaneously.
  • 2. Upload the correct screenshot
  • 3. Comment which coil(single/double/triple/quad/quintuple) do you want try.

What You Can Win:

1*M pro + 1 pack Quintuple Mesh Coil + 1*FreeMax T-shirt + 1* FreeMax Cap + 1* Key Chain

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Giveaway – 100 Lucky Freemaxers Of Limited Edition Fireluke 2

Cheers! We are doing a Grand Giveaway for FreeMaxers! This is to express our appreciation to all of you for your sincere support towards FreeMax!

100 units of Fireluke 2 Limited Edition will be given as the giveaway prize, which is worth $3,000!

Limited edition with our unlimited appreciation: FULL MATTE BLACK tank and coilwith Colorful O-ring, Double & Quad coils with Tea Fiber Cotton. Seize the chance, and enjoy it anytime anywhere!

Activity Time: 09/02/2019 – 09/16/2019

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I Want Freemax GEMM

Global Vape Store Recruitment!

Come and join us! You’ll get Rich Gifts about Freemax Gemm.

What will you get?

1.Free FreeMax GEMM Kits & Tanks

2.Free Freemax T-shirts,Bags,Caps,GEMM Flyers,GEMM Posters and so on

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